Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Health and Community Services Standards


The QIC Health and Community Services Standards 6th edition were developed by the Quality Improvement Council (QIC).

QIC has more than 20 years’ experience as an Australian Standards development and certification organisation in the health and community services sectors.

QIP is the exclusive licensed provider of QIC accreditation in Australia.

The Standards and accreditation program provide a thorough and wide-ranging review of organisational systems across multiple areas, including:

  • Governance
  • Corporate systems
  • Service delivery, and
  • External relationships.

All QIP clients receive a copy of the Standards once registered for accreditation. Additional copies can be purchased.

A wide range of health and community service organisations of all sizes chose QIC accreditation because it involves a whole-of-organisation continuous quality improvement approach with the aim of increasing organisational capacity.

QIC accreditation is more than a compliance-based program; it recognises strengths and areas for improvement, helping organisations to identify quality improvement priorities.

The Standards and accreditation program focus on a continuous quality improvement approach and help to build organisational capacity.

Organisations which achieve QIC accreditation are publicly listed on the QIP website.Community_1

There are 18 QIC Health and Community Services Standards, which consist of three sections common to all human services organisations:

  1. Building quality organisations
  2. Providing quality services and programs, and
  3. Sustaining quality external relationships.


Accreditation process

QIC accreditation program encourages participation by the whole organisation and consists of four stages:

  1. Internal review by the organisation
  2. External review conducted by QIP Reviewers
  3. Feedback, and
  4. Taking action.

Once an organisation has met all standards, accreditation is valid for three years.

Why choose QIC accreditation?

Many of our clients chose QIC accreditation because it:

  • Involves a whole-of-organisation continuous quality improvement approach
  • Aims to build organisational capacity, and
  • Helps organisations to identify quality improvement priorities.

For some organisations QIC accreditation is a requirement of State or Federal Government funding agreements.

QIP can best support you on the accreditation journey

QIP can best support your accreditation journey and ensure accreditation is a positive experience by providing:

  • A streamlined approach that reduces the time and effort to achieve accreditation
  • A dedicated Client Liaison Officer
  • Access to a wide range of educational resources, at no additional cost, and
  • Cost-effective accreditation.

QIP supports you on your accreditation journey by providing dedicated accreditation support and a wide range of resources. QIP can also support your organisation to manage multiple standards and accreditation programs.

Fee Information

QIP’s fees are clearly Senior Hispanic woman working on computer at homearticulated ensuring that you know upfront exactly how much accreditation will cost. The cost of QIC accreditation is dependent on the size of the organisation, the number of staff, the number and location of sites and the services provided.

You are invited to contact QIP for a customised quote.

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