QIC accredited organisations






Once an organisation is accredited under the QIC Health and Community Services Standards, they are listed, along with their expiry date, in the table below.

Organisation’s are encouraged to promote their accredited status to their clients and the local community.

Note: Some organisations may appear to have lapsed accreditation. Due to QIC’s accreditation process and timelines, these organisations may be currently working towards re-accreditation.

The organisations below are QIP accredited in the QIC Accreditation Program:


Organisation Accreditation expiry date
360 Health & Community Services 30-Jun-18
Access Health and Community 17-Mar-20
Alcohol and Drug Foundation NSW – Kathleen York House 18-Aug-20
Alcohol and Drug Support Services 20-Nov-18
Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Council of Tasmania 30-Jun-20
Aboriginal Health Council of SA Inc. 15-Jun-19
Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia 04-Jun-18
ACON Health Ltd 28-May-18
Aftercare 27-Oct-18
Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service Inc 06-Aug-18
Alzheimer’s Australia NSW 07-Nov-19
Anam Cara House Colac 06-Dec-18
Anam Cara House Geelong 19-Jul-20
Anglicare NT 30-Oct-18
Auburn Diversity Service Inc 29-Jan-18
Auburn Medical Referral Centre 05-May-18
Australian Community Support Organisation 06-Feb-18
Badu Island Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute 19-Nov-18
Ballarat Community Health 10-Feb-20
Ballarat Hospice Care Inc. 11-Apr-20
Bamaga Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Banyule Community Health Service Inc 17-Sep-18
Baptist Care (SA) Inc. 11-Nov-18
Baptcare Family and Community Services – Victoria and Tasmania 27-Nov-18
Barbara St Clinic 03-Jun-18
Barwon Child, Youth & Family 15-Apr-19
Bellarine Community Health Ltd 27-Oct-19
Bendigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative 20-Oct-17
Bendigo Community Health Services Inc. 20-Oct-19
Bethany Community Support 22-May-18
Black Swan Health Limited 07-Apr-20
Boigu Island Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Bourke Aboriginal Health Service Limited 18-Nov-18
breakthru 05-May-20
Brimic Support Care Pty Ltd 13-May-18
Brophy Family & Youth Services 13-Mar-18
Carers NSW 27-Feb-18
Carrington Health 19-Oct-19
Castlemaine District Community Health Centre 26-Mar-18
Catherine House Inc 28-May-18
CatholicCare Archdiocese of Melbourne 08-Sep-20
CatholicCare Canberra and Goulburn 11-Aug-20
CatholicCare NT 31-Dec-18
CatholicCare Sandhurst 22-Oct-18
Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service Aboriginal Corporation 19-May-19
Centacare Catholic Family Services – Archdiocese of Adelaide 29-Sep-19
Centacare Catholic Country SA Limited 26-Aug-19
Centacare New England North West 13-Oct-20
Central Bayside Community Health Services 24-May-20
Centre for Non-Violence Inc 15-Sep-20
Charleville Western Areas ATSI Community Health Ltd 14-Apr-19
Cobaw Community Health Services Limited 4-Dec-18
Cockburn GP Super Clinic Ltd (trading as Cockburn Integrated Health) 19-Jul-20
Cohealth 27-Mar-18
Connections Uniting Care 16-Oct-17
Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services 27-Mar-18
Council to Homeless Persons 10-Aug-19
Creating Links Co-op Ltd 15-Sep-18
Danila Dilba Health Service 26-Mar-19
Darebin Community Health 13-Apr-19
Dauan Island Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Denison Street Clinic 01-Dec-18
Dhauwurd-Wurrung Elderly and Community Health Service 19-Jun-18
Diabetes Association of the NT Inc trading as Healthy Living NT 21-Jun-20
Dianella Community Health 12-May-20
Drug and Alcohol Services Australia Ltd 03-Aug-20
Drug Health Services – South Western Sydney Local Health District 15-Feb-20
EACH Social and Community Health 27-Mar-18
Eastern Domestic Violence Service Inc. 17-Jun-19
Erub (Darnley Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Family Access Network Inc 13-Nov-17
Family Planning Victoria 11-Dec-18
Flintwood Disability Services Inc 16-Mar-20
Gallang Place Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation 18-Mar-18
Gateway Health Ltd 6-Nov-18
Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service 10-Apr-18
Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd 04-Dec-18
Gippsland Lakes Community Health 13-Feb-18
Grampians Community Health 14-Sep-19
Grand Pacific Health 09-Aug-20
Greek Welfare Centre 22-Sep-18
Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service Inc. 11-Aug-18
Heal for Life 10-Dec-18
Health at Work Pty Ltd 13-Nov-17
Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand Runanga Whakapiki Ake I Te Hauora o Aotearoa (HPF) 18-Feb-19
Healthecare Community Care incorporating Hunter Nursing and Mayo Home Nursing Services 14-Jul-20
Healthy North Coast 24-Jun-19
Hepatitis NSW 20-Nov-18
Hobart City Mission 10-Aug-20
Holyoake Tasmania Inc. 6-Dec-19
Iama (Yarn Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Illawarra Aboriginal Medical Service 07-Jun-20
Illawarra Women’s Health Centre 6-Aug-18
Indigo North Health Inc. 07-Sep-19
IPC Health 17-Nov-19
Ranges Community Health 09-Oct-18
InTouch Multicultural Centre against Family Violence 27-Feb-18
Jesuit Social Services 07-Apr-20
Kara House 01-Apr-18
Karralika Programs Incorporated 21-Jul-18
Kidsafe New South Wales Inc 07-Apr-18
Kirrae Health Services Inc 30-Aug-20
Kubin Primary Health Care Centre (on Moa Island) 24-Sep-18
La Trobe Communication Clinic 16-Nov-18
Lake Tyers Health & Childrens Services 16-Aug-20
Latrobe Community Health Service Ltd. 27-Nov-18
Launceston City Mission 02-Feb-20
LaVita Care 21-Jun-19
Leveda trading as Lighthouse Disability 18-Sep-18
Life Without Barriers (South Australia) 26-May-20
Lifeline Gippsland 22-Mar-19
Link Health and Community 19-Nov-18
Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation 28-May-18
Mabuyag (Jervis Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
McAuley Community Services for Women 14-Feb-21
Mallacoota District Health and Support Service Inc 14-Jul-20
Mallee District Aboriginal Services 22-Apr-19
Mallee Sexual Assault Unit Inc. 20-Nov-18
Manawatu Supporting Families in Mental Illness Inc 19-Nov-18
Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Corporation 20-Sep-19
Marymead 25-Aug-19
Masig (Yorke Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Mawarnkarra Health Service 04-Mar-18
Melbourne East General Practice Network 24-Apr-18
Mental Health Association of Central Australia 18-Nov-19
Mer (Murray Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Wellways Australia Ltd 17-Apr-18
Merri Community Health Services 7-Dec-19
MIND Australia 27-Feb-18
Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation 15-Oct-18
Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW 12-Jul-20
Murray Mallee Aged Care Group Inc. 7-Jun-20
Mpower Inc. 15-Jan-18
Neami Limited 06-May-19
New Mapoon Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services 20-Nov-18
Nexus Primary Health 19-May-19
Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation – The Glen 18-Nov-18
Ngurapai (Horn Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Ngwala Willumbong Ltd 16-Sep-19
Nillumbik Community Health Service Inc. 3-Dec-18
Njernda Aboriginal Corporation 20-Feb-18
Noah’s Ark Inc. 23-May-20
North Richmond Community Health 13-Oct-19
Northern District Community Health Service Inc. 06-Nov-18
Northern Sydney Medical Local 04-Mar-18
Nursing and Midwifery Health Program 04-May-19
NPA Family and Community Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation 26-Jul-20
Nunkuwarrin Yunti South Australia 09-Aug-19
Offenders Aid & Rehabilitation Services of SA Inc. 20-Jul-20
Ora Toa PHO 2-Jun-19
Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation 07-Oct-18
Pangula Mannamurna Inc 20-Jun-17
Parramatta Mission 07-May-21
Peer Support Australia 3-May-20
Phoebe House 23-Nov-19
Plenty Valley Community Health Ltd 06-Mar-18
Port Augusta City Council – Port Augusta Substance Misuse Service 17-Dec-18
Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service Inc 10-Aug-19
Poruma (Coconut Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Positive Life NSW 31-Mar-19
Poutini Waiora 30-Oct-18
Primary Care Connect 24-Mar-19
Primary and Community Care Services 21-Mar-21
Quantum Support Services Inc 24-Apr-18
Purapura Whetu Trust 14-Oct-18
Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Alcohol & Drug Dependence Services (QAIAS) 26-Mar-18
Rape and Domestic Violence Services Inc 05-Aug-18
Rekindling The Spirit 22-Jun-19
Richmond Fellowship Tasmania Inc 02-Mar-20
Richmond Wellbeing 17-Mar-20
Riverina Medical and Dental Aboriginal Corporation 03-May-20
RNZ Plunket Society – Bay of Plenty & Lakes Area 03-Mar-19
RNZ Plunket Society – Canterbury & Mid-South Canterbury Area 14-Apr-19
RNZ Plunket Society –  Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Wairoa Areas 26-Mar-18
RNZ Plunket Society – Manawatu and Whanganui Areas 13-Aug-18
RNZ Plunket Society – National Office and PlunketLine 18-Jun-18
RNZ Plunket Society – Nelson Marlborough & West Coast Areas 13-May-18
RNZ Plunket Society – Northland Area 22-May-18
RNZ Plunket Society – Otago & Southland Area 18-Feb-19
RNZ Plunket Society – Taranaki Area 03-Dec-18
Sacred Heart Mission 22-Sep-19
Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre 6-Apr-19
Saibai Island Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
SalvoCare Northern Victoria 31-May-20
Scott Street Clinic 11-Mar-19
Seisia Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Seniors Community Care Pty. Ltd. 28-Feb-21
Sexual Assault Support Service 5-Oct-19
Sexual Health information networking & education SA Inc (SHine SA) 18-Mar-18
Self Help Addiction Resource Centre Inc (SHARC) 24-Nov-19
Southern Cross Care SA and NT Inc. 29-Nov-19
South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation 22-Oct-18
South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation 12-Nov-18
South East Community Links Inc. 01-Sep-19
St Paul’s Primary Health Care Centre (on Moa Island) 24-Sep-18
St Vincent de Paul Support Services: Freeman House 05-Feb-19
Star Health Group Limited 09-Jun-20
Sunbury Community Health Centre Inc. 16-Oct-18
Supporting Families in Mental Illness Taranaki 2-Jun-19
Supporting Families in Mental Health Wanganui 28-Jan-19
Taskforce Community Agency Inc. 15-Jun-19
Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre 05-Feb-18
Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust 02-Jul-18
Te Kotuku Hauora Ltd 30-Jul-18
Te Whariki Takapou 25-Jun-18
Te Whatu Manawa Māoritanga O Rehua Trust 16-Jul-18
Te Rangihaeata Oranga Trust 08-Sep-18
Ted Noffs Foundation 12-Apr-20
The Benevolent Society, Centre for Women’s Health 15-Nov-20
The Salvation Army, Adult Services 21-Apr-20
The Salvation Army, SalvoConnect Western 23-Jun-20
The Salvation Army – Brunswick Corps and Social Services Network 17-Sep-18
The Salvation Army – Brunswick Salvos Community Programs 28-Sep-20
The Salvation Army – Crossroads Youth and Family Services Network 30-Jun-20
The Salvation Army – SalvoConnect Barwon Social Services 28-Sep-20
The Salvation Army Crisis Services Network 27-Jul-20
The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614 22-Sep-20
The Salvation Army Northern Territory Social Programs 16-Jan-21
The Salvation Army Recovery Services 20-Apr-18
The Salvation Army salvoCare Eastern 02-May-20
The Salvation Army Social and Support (SASHS) Network 11-May-20
The Salvation Army South Australia Social Programmes 05-Jul-20
The Salvation Army, Tasmania Division 31-Mar-20
The Salvation Army Westcare 25-Aug-20
The Salvation Army Western Australia Division 25-Aug-20
Thursday Island Community Wellness Centre 24-Sep-18
Thursday Island Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Toora Women Inc 24-Apr-18
Ugar (Stephen Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Umagico Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Uniting (Victoria & Tasmania) Ltd – Uniting Wesley 24-Nov-20
UnitingCare Gippsland 04-Dec-18
UnitingCare Harrison 25-Oct-19
Prahran Mission UnitingCare 18-Mar-19
UnitingCare Regen 17-Mar-19
Drug and Alcohol Health Services Inc. 25-Jun-18
Victorian AIDS Council Inc. 24-Aug-19
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency Co-op Ltd (VACCA) 20-Nov-18
Villa Maria Community Services 26-Aug-19
VincentCare Victoria 10-Dec-18
Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Co-operative Ltd 30-Jun-19
Walwa Bush Nursing Centre 29-Jul-18
Warraber (Sue Island) Primary Health Care Centre 24-Sep-18
Warrawee Women’s Shelter 26-Jun-18
WayAhead – Mental Health Association NSW Ltd. 9-Feb-19
Weigelli Centre Aboriginal Corporation 20-Aug-18
Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service 05-Feb-19

Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre

Whaioro Trust 18-Nov-18
Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery Inc 7-Sep-19
Windermere Child and Family Services 6-Sep-20
Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child and Family Centre Incorporated 23-Jun-20
Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service 20-Aug-18
within Australia Inc. 22-Jun-20
Woden Community Service Inc 20-May-19
Wungening Aboriginal Corporation 26-Feb-19
Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation 13-Jul-20
Youth, Family and Community Connections Inc. 29-Nov-20
Youthsafe 08-Nov-20
YSAS Pty Ltd 04-Aug-20