Public dental services

Public dental services or clinics are required to be accredited against the National Safety Quality Heath Service (NSQHS) Standards on their next accreditation. Services are assessed against the first six NSQHS Standards applicable to dentistry.

Accreditation involves a desktop audit document review, followed by an on-site assessment and mid-cycle review. The accreditation cycle is three years in duration from the date accreditation is awarded. During this time a process of continuous quality improvement is undertaken.

Mid-cycle review

A mid-cycle review involves assessment of dental service against:

  • Standards 1, 2 and 3
  • The service’s quality improvement plan, and
  • Recommendations from previous accreditation assessments.

Benefits of accreditation

Accreditation assists dental services to:

  • Meet state-based regulatory compliance
  • Build a culture of quality and patient safety
  • Reduce clinical and general risks
  • Pursue better health outcomes for patients through improved risk management for patient safety
  • Educate and engage staff in quality improvement processes and systems, and
  • Promote the quality and safety of services to both patients and the community.

Why choose QIP?

QIP has vast experience in primary, secondary health care and community sector accreditation and is the preferred accreditation provider to a number of public dental services and private dental practices. QIP is internationally accredited by the International Society of Quality in Health Care (ISQua) –  the health care accreditor to the accreditors.

QIP supports your dental service’s commitment to continuous quality improvement. QIP is dedicated to making your service’s accreditation a simple and uncomplicated process.

QIP supports public dental services with a range of accreditation resources, including:

  • Access to educational resources
  • A dedicated Client Liaison Officer to provide support for accreditation systems process
  • Education and training on the NSQHS Standards, and
  • Guidance on documentary evidence required to comply with the Standards .

The Commission is currently working on resources to support dental services with the implementation of the NSQHS Standards. A draft Guide for Dental Practices is available.

Fee information

When choosing an accreditation provider for NSQHS Standards accreditation, it’s important to understand upfront exactly how much accreditation will cost and what accreditation support is included.

The cost of QIP accreditation against the NSQHS Standards is dependent on a number of variables including the number of full-time equivalent staff, the number and location of office sites and residential facilities, the number of clients and the services offered.

QIP’s fees  are clearly articulated ensuring that you know upfront exactly how much accreditation will cost. You are invited to contact QIP for a customised quote.

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