QIC Health and Community Services Standards

The QIC Health and Community Services Standards 7th Edition, has been released after eighteen months of significant consultation, review and engagement with a number of community sector stakeholders, industry experts including Quality Innovation Performance Limited (QIP) Assessors and a number of QIP accredited community organisations.

The QIC Standards and accreditation program provides a thorough and wide-ranging review of organisational systems across multiple areas, including:

  1. Governance
  2. Management systems
  3. Consumer and community engagement
  4. Diversity and cultural appropriateness, and
  5. Service delivery.

As a nationally recognised accreditation program, the QIC Standards 7th edition support a wide range of organisations, of varied sizes and service delivery types, to strengthen areas for improvement and to identify quality improvement priorities while committing to a cycle of continuous quality improvement.

QIP is the exclusive provider of accreditation against the QIC Standards and one of Australia’s most comprehensive not-for-profit community and health accreditation organisations.

Contact to our QIP team to learn how the QIC Standards can be applied to your organisation and how  start your accreditation journey today.

Accreditation process

Under the QIC Accreditation Program, QIP awards accreditation to organisations that have fulfilled the program requirements i.e. they successfully meet the QIC Health and Community Services Standards and they demonstrate ongoing continuous quality improvement.

Participating organisations undergo the following accreditation cycle:

  1. Registration
  2. Self-assessment
  3. Application
  4. Assessment
  5. Decision
  6. Monitoring

Why choose QIP?

There are numerous benefits for undergoing accreditation with QIP. For a number of organisations key benefits include:

  • Continuously monitoring, reviewing and implementing improvements,
  • Embedding a culture of quality,
  • Workplace efficiencies of systems and processes,
  • Improved outcomes for your consumers,
  • Mandatory requirements, or
  • Ability to receive linked funding incentives (for some organisations QIC accreditation is a requirement of State or Federal funding arrangements).

QIP can best support you on the accreditation journey

Both QIP and the QIC Standards are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) – the accreditors to the accreditors. This demonstrates a commitment to quality, best practice systems and processes and an understanding as to the real experiences of undertaking accreditation by doing so ourselves.

QIP can best support your accreditation journey and ensure the accreditation process is a positive experience by providing:

  • A streamlined approach that reduces the time and effort to achieve accreditation,
  • Access to a dedicated Client Liaison Officer,
  • A range of complimentary resources and templates, at no additional cost,
  • Marketing items to support the promotion of your accredited status, and
  • Cost-effective accreditation and transparent accreditation fees.

Contact our QIP team to gain a quote for accreditation against the QIC Standards or to learn more about the process.