Vision mission and values

The AGPAL Group of Companies have a shared vision, mission and values.

Our Vision

QIP’s vision is “Making it better”.

We are committed to accreditation, training and capacity building services that make a difference. Our services are focussed on adding value and enabling positive improvement.  At QIP, we measure our success in terms of how the accreditation and related services that we offer improve our clients’ services.

Our Mission

QIP’s mission is “Delivering quality improvement through innovative systems and solutions”.

Accreditation plays a vital role in the quality improvement cycle; we are not a compliance focused organisation rather we have a developmental approach to accreditation which enables improvement and builds capacity. We provide innovative technology which enables clients to engage in quality improvements.

Our Core Values

QIP strives to consistently achieve five core values:

Customer Focus

We strive to identify and understand our clients’ needs and in doing so, are responsive and dynamically flexible. We consistently try to meet our clients’ expectations.


We are open to and encourage new ways of thinking, concepts and methods. We are quality focused, dynamic, energetic and employ creative thinking.


Our integrity is fundamental to achieving our vision and mission. This stems from our good corporate governance, ethical behaviour and knowledge that we do what we say.


We aim for excellence in everything we do; we are constantly improving our services and systems and developing our staff.


We work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for clients and embrace diversity.