Accreditation means the focus is on you and your community

Visiting a QIP accredited organisation means your health or community service provider and their entire team are committed to improving and ensuring their systems, processes, culture, service delivery, engagement channels and actions meet a nationally recognised set of standards.

This means you can be reassured of high-quality care and support, and that safe work practices are provided to you, their consumers.

For some health and community service organisations, accreditation is a voluntary process and demonstrates their dedication to ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety and continuous improvement in the services they provide you.

How can you identify an accredited organisation?

For the reassurance of high-quality service provision, visit a QIP accredited health or community organisation. Look for the QIP Accredited Symbol next time you visit your local health or community service provider. An organisation that has the QIP Accredited Symbol is committed to constantly improving to deliver high-quality services and support for you, your family and the community.

Want to find a QIP accredited organisation?

What does accreditation mean for your local health or community service provider?

Achieving QIP accreditation takes dedication, teamwork and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Organisations that choose to undergo QIP accreditation commit themselves to a comprehensive program which requires a team effort to constantly review the systems and processes. In the majority of times, this process also involves an independent on-site assessment conducted by a team of QIP Assessors.

From reception staff to the operations manager, and the HR manager to the CEO; with QIP accreditation you are assured that the entire team works together to ensure you get the best quality service experience.

What benefits does accreditation have for you?

Visiting a QIP accredited organisation means you have peace of mind knowing the service you are visiting is committed to:

  • Providing you with high-quality services and support in a safe environment
  • Strengthening engagement with you, the consumer, and the organisation's community
  • Embracing diversity—being respectful and understanding of differences, and
  • Constantly improving to create positive outcomes.