Assessors in Focus: Daena Wilson

11 December 2023

Daena Wilson, a newly certified assessor with QIP, brings vast experience from NSW Health. Join us for a Q&A where Daena shares insights, motivations, and lessons from assessments. Explore her expertise in healthcare improvement and accreditation’s pivotal role.


Assessors in Focus: Rebecca Larcombe

02 November 2023

Rebecca Larcombe joins QIP’s team, bringing 18 years’ healthcare experience from Australia and the UK. We discuss her insights on QIP’s accreditation process, her rewarding experience as an assessor, and her dedication to enhancing patient safety and healthcare outcomes.


Assessors in Focus: Jason Cirone

26 October 2023

Jason Cirone, Chief Allied Health Officer at Northern Health, brings vast expertise to QIP. He advocates accreditation for healthcare leaders and shares insights into his role’s demands and accreditation process. Explore his dedication to healthcare quality and safety.


Assessors in Focus: Leanne Boyd

19 October 2023

QIP proudly introduces Leanne Boyd, a newly certified assessor and former Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer. With extensive experience, Leanne emphasises quality and continuous improvement in healthcare services, sharing insights on accreditation.