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Quality Innovation Performance Limited (QIP) specialises in providing accreditation, certification, verification and support services to a diverse range of organisations. We have more than 25 years’ experience across the community services sector, as well as over 10 years’ experience working with primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare providers.

QIP is Australia’s most comprehensive not-for-profit accreditation, certification and verification agency, with expertise across the entire health and human services continuum. Our QIP Team is dedicated to understanding each of our client’s unique needs and providing expert support as they undertake their journey of accreditation, certification or verification and continuous quality improvement.

Vision, Mission and Values

To support our clients and improve the service provision of health, community, and human services throughout Australia. Now and into the future, QIP is committed to the following vision, mission and values:


'Making it better'


‘Delivering quality improvement through innovative
systems and solutions’


'Customer Focus,
Excellence, Innovation,
Integrity, and Partnership'


The AGPAL Group of Companies are committed to supporting reconciliation amongst Indigenous, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australian people. In keeping with the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners of the lands. We wish to pay respect to their Elders - past, present and emerging - and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within our community.

Find our Statement of Reconciliation here.

The artwork by Jordan Lovegrove, Ngarrindjeri, of Dreamtime Creative, depicts AGPAL and QIP’s partnership between companies and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical services, communities and service providers.

Across our website, information flyers and marketing materials you will see this artwork by Jordan Lovegrove, Ngarrindjeri, of Dreamtime Creative. The artwork depicts AGPAL and QIP’s partnership between companies and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical services, communities and service providers. AGPAL is represented by the left large meeting place in the blue and black while QIP is represented by the right large meeting place in the light and dark blue. The different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical and community services are represented by the coloured meeting circles and the communities they serve are represented by the dots and pattern work in the background. The pathways in-between show AGPAL and QIP supporting the health and community service providers to constantly improve their service delivery to care and support for members of the Australian community.

This artwork was created by Jordan Lovegrove (right), Indigenous Artist, Dreamtime Creative. Jordan is a Ngarrindjeri young man who combines intimate knowledge of Aboriginal communities and illustration skills to develop outstanding Indigenous artwork which is applied to a range of print and online communications.

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Reinvesting to benefit our clients

To ensure our clients are appropriately supported with quality tools and resources, and customer service expectations are exceeded, QIP is a not-for-profit organisation. Being not-for-profit allows us to continuously reinvest back into the business to improve our service delivery and accreditation offerings.


QIP brings together a comprehensive combination of history, expertise, experience and knowledge, cultivated since delivering one of the first national accreditation programs, Community Health Accreditation Standards Programs (CHASP), more than 25 years ago.


Accrediting over 8,000 health and community service organisations across Australia, QIP is the only organisation able to provide a range of choices for ‘whole of organisation’ accreditation by providing options for accreditation against single or multiple frameworks.


QIP is dedicated to partnering with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and adequately support their quality improvement journey. We step clients through each stage of their accreditation cycle, to meet the relevant national industry standards.


Since QIP’s establishment, we have remained governed by an industry Board of Directors, with representation from across the health and community sectors. QIP’s Board of Directors ensure we are adhering to best practice across our organisation and service provision, and drive the direction of our continual quality improvements. Click below to read more about our Board of Directors and Group CEO.

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As an independent third-party accreditation and certification provider, QIP ensures all activities are undertaken impartially. Our systems and processes are streamlined and transparent to ensure the accreditation journey is a positive one. As part of our commitment to quality we regularly review, monitor and evaluate our systems and processes to minimise risk and implement improvements.

Accreditation across the health and community spectrum

QIP is part of the AGPAL Group of Companies, Australia’s most comprehensive accreditation and quality support organisations.

The AGPAL Group of Companies also comprises:

Commitment to quality – ISQua

Consistent with our commitment to quality and accreditation, QIP is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). As an accredited organisation we participate in self-assessment and external evaluation on a regular basis, ensuring our approach to the provision of accreditation and certification services is consistent with international best practice.

Being accredited ourselves gives us a 360-degree insight into the effort which organisations undertake to achieve accreditation and the support required to achieve accreditation.

Work with us

When you work with QIP, you become part of a team dedicated to 'Making it Better'.

'Making it Better' for our clients, the wider Australian health and community services system, and our staff through accreditation and quality improvement products and services.

Joining our team, as an employee or assessor, means you can be assured you will be part of a passionate team, recognised for adding value and positive improvements to quality and innovation across Australia’s health and community services sectors.