Physiotherapy Accreditation Program


Your physiotherapy practice has done everything it can to be a successful and client focused business. Now it’s time to take the extra step to quality.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has partnered with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) to deliver the Physiotherapy Accreditation Program.

The program was recently recognised for its innovative advancements, when QIP was awarded as one of the top 12 most innovative companies in Brisbane by the Brisbane Innovation Scorecard for physiotherapy accreditation.

The program assists your physiotherapy practice to:

  • Measure and improve practice performance and outcomes
  • Go above the minimum standards of physiotherapy patient safety and care
  • Submit a self-assessment with ease prior to undergoing an independent third party  review by a peer physiotherapist surveyor
  • Be recognised for the quality of your practice’s service, care and on-site environment
  • Achieve an accredited status for a three year period, and
  • Be empowered to undertake a process of continuous quality improvement.

QIP is committed to providing your physiotherapy practice with personalised support and useful resources to ensure your accreditation journey is a streamlined and positive experience.

Take the extra step to quality by registering your practice for accreditation today.
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