Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) is a quality framework owned by the South Australian Government Department of Human Services. ASES supports community service organisations to effectively manage resources, gain better understanding of customer needs and improve accountability and reporting.

ASES accreditation is:

  • Particularly relevant for small to medium sized community organisations, such as non-government organisations
  • Relevant to community organisations with emerging systems and processes
  • Focuses on quality improvement and an organisation’s continuous learning
  • A guide to improve service provision and management systems, and
  • Consumer focused and recognises the unique characterises of the community services sector.
QIP is an approved accreditation provider against the ASES
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Pathways to accreditation

Two pathways are available to achieve ASES accreditation – Certificate and Award level. Both pathways ensure a developmental and supportive approach for organisations new to quality management frameworks.

Certificate level encourages delivery of services in accordance with sound management principles and legal requirements that align with community organisation’s strategic directions. Certificate level includes three areas:

  • Sound management
  • People, partnerships and communication, and
  • Service provision.

Award level involves the systematic implementation of the community organisation’s strategic agenda and its alignment with the Government’s strategic agenda. Award level incorporates monitoring, evaluation and quality improvement throughout all facets. It builds on the certificate level and has three additional aspects:

  • Sound management
  • People, partnerships and communication
  • Service provision
  • Leadership
  • Improvement, and
  • Results.

ASES supports community organisations to excel.

Review cycle

ASES involves a simple seven-step process applicable to most community organisations nationally:

  1. Contract
  2. Training
  3. Self-assessment against the Standards
  4. External assessment booking and preparation of evidence and timetable
  5. External assessment report, and
  6. Accreditation decision.

ASES for community organisations located in South Australia

The process for community organisations located in SA has a seven-step process of accreditation:

  1. Information provision and sign up,
  2. Registration with DCSI,
  3. Self-assessment with ASES workbooks,
  4. Register with QIP, update self-assessment on AccreditationPro,
  5. A QIP Assessor completes your external assessment and report,
  6. Develop a quality action plan, and
  7. Accreditation decision.

ASES – a nationwide program

The ASES accreditation program is applicable to most community organisations nationally. Accreditation against the ASES differs slightly to other national standards and revolves around the
following four steps:

  1. Contract with DCSI and QIP,
  2. Complete self-assessment with QIP on AccreditationPro,
  3. A QIP Assessor completes your external assessment and report, and
  4. Accreditation decision.

Why choose QIP

QIP is committed to informed choice and working in partnership with community services to ensure continuous quality improvement. Consider QIP to be the external assessor for your next ASES assessment.

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