National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS)

The National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS) 2nd editionCommunity_7 are owned by the Federal Department of Health (DoH).

The NSMHS were developed as part of the National Mental Health Strategy. The Standards are applicable to a broad range of mental health services across Australia, including:

  • Bed-based services
  • Community mental health services
  • Clinical and non-government sector services
  • Private sector services, and
  • Services in primary care and general practice.

The Standards are outcome oriented and reflect a strong values base, related to human rights, dignity and empowerment.

The ten NSMHS Standards focus on:

  • Mental health service delivery
  • Policy direction compliance
  • Communication and consent, and
  • Monitoring and governance procedures.

The Standards encompass key guiding principles consistent with national policy and requirements for the delivery of mental health services in Australia, including:

  • Promotion of optimum quality of life for people with mental disorders and/or mental health problems
  • A strong values base, related to human rights, dignity and empowerment
  • Community participation in mental health service development, and
  • A better national mental health system which emphasises comprehensive, coordinated and individualised care.

Why choose assessment against the NSMHS?

Assessment against the NSMHS assists mental health services to continualCommunity_3ly improve and supports the development of their organisation.

Some mental health services choose to undergo NSMHS assessment as this achievement builds their organisational profile and reputation.

For others, assessment is enforced by regulation; some State and Territory departments require mental health organisations to undergo assessment as a condition of Funding/ Service Agreements.

NSMHS assessment process

  • NSMHS assessment commences with self-assessment by the organisation against the NSMHS.
  • Following this, an on-site review conducted by QIP reviewers experienced in mental health services.
  • A report of the external assessment is then provided to the mental health service for comment.
  • A quality improvement plan is then developed with support from QIP and the service focuses on ongoing quality improvement.
  • The service then continues their quality improvements and works towards an 18 month mid-cycle review.

Assessment is valid for three years.

Why choose QIP?

QIP provides:

  • Exceptional support to assist mental health services throughout the assessment cycle
  • Reviewers with significant experience in working with community mental health providers
  • A cost-effective service.

QIP offers a range of accreditation options and can bundle NSMHS assessment with other accreditation products to provide a streamlined package for your organisation.

QIP supports community organisations to meet the National Standards for Mental Health Services.Community_6

QIP has vast experience in primary, secondary health care and community sector quality improvement and accreditation services. QIP assesses some of Australia’s largest community mental health providers.

Fee Information

When choosing an accreditation provider for the NSMHS Standards,Gen_4 it’s important to understand exactly how much accreditation will cost and what accreditation support is included. QIP’s fees are clearly articulated ensuring that you know exactly how much accreditation will cost. You are invited to contact QIP for a customised quote.

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