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AGPAL Group of Companies and partners awarded Department of Health tender to develop Health Care Home resources

Earlier this year the Department of Health (DoH) requested tender submissions for the development of a suite of educational resources for Health Care Homes in Australia. Partnering with CFEP Surveys, the AGPAL Group of Companies were successfully awarded this contract in November 2016.

The DoH is transforming Australia’s primary health care system by improving the provision of care for people with chronic and complex conditions. The Health Care Home model is an evidence-based, coordinated, multi-disciplinary model of care; it provides doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals greater flexibility to shape care around an individual patient’s needs and encourages patients to participate in and direct their own care.

This internationally adopted model is set to revolutionise the future of Australia’s health care provision and will be rolled out over a three year period.

As outlined by the DoH, the Health Care Home model will initially be rolled out in selected geographical regions, based on Primary Health Network boundaries, across the country.  Around 200 medical practices or Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS) in these regions will become Health Care Homes and together they will enrol up to 65,000 patients with chronic and complex health conditions.

The Health Care Home implementation will improve the targeting and alignment of existing health care resources, revolutionising the provision of care for people with chronic and complex conditions in Australia’s primary healthcare system

With unique insights into the primary health system, the AGPAL Group of Companies project working group will develop a suite of resources designed to be flexible to meet a variety of practice needs and structures, including solo and small practices, rural and remote settings, and AMS. Value Co-Creation and User-Centred Design approaches will be used as the overarching frameworks for this project, bringing together key stakeholders, industry bodies, primary health care workers and patients to develop and deliver tailored education resources fit for purpose.

The AGPAL Group of Companies, UNE Partnerships and CFEP Surveys look forward to sharing further updates regarding this project, which will play a key role in the implementation and adoption of Health Care Homes across Australia.

For further information, contact Dr Tina Janamian, Director Health Care Homes Project via email at info@qip.com.au.

The AGPAL Group of Companies includes Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited, Quality Innovation Performance Limited, Quality Innovation Performance Consulting Pty Ltd and Quality Innovation Performance International Pty Ltd.

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