Aboriginal community controlled health services

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‘Aboriginal community controlled health organisations (ACCHO) are controlled by,ACCHS and accountable to, Aboriginal people in those areas in which they operate. ACCHO aim to deliver holistic, comprehensive and culturally appropriate health care to the community that controls it’. Agreements, treaties and negotiated settlements project (ATNS).

Aboriginal community controlled health services have a range of accreditation options available to them, including accreditation against the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) health and community services Standards

QIC accreditation

A wide range of health and community service organisations of all sizes chose QIC accreditation because it:

  • Involves a whole-of-organisation continuous quality improvement approach
  • Helps to identify quality improvement opportunities, and
  • Assists to increase organisational capacity.

QIC accreditation is more than a compliance-based program; it recognises strengths and areas for improvement, and can help ACCHOs to identify quality improvement priorities.

Learn more about benefits of QIC accreditation.

Indigenous DotsWhy choose QIP?

QIP provides:

  • Exceptional support to assist ACCHOs throughout the assessment cycle
  • Reviewers with significant experience in working with Aboriginal health services, and
  • A cost-effective service.

QIP offers a range of accreditation options and can bundle QIC assessments with other accreditation products to provide a streamlined package for your organisation.

QIP supports Aboriginal community controlled health organisations on their quality improvement journey.

QIP has significant experience working with aboriginal community controlled health organisations and understands some of their challenges in undergoing accreditation.

Fee Information

When choosing an assessment provider for your ACCHO, it’s important to understand upfront exactly how much assessment will cost and what support is included.

QIP’s fees are clearly articulated ensuring that you know exactly how much the service will cost. You are invited to contact QIP for a customised quote.