Diagnostic imaging service providers

Diagnostic Imaging Service Providers provide ultrasound, radiography, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) and bone densitometry services to the Male Doctor Showing X-Ray Result To Happy

Service providers are required to be accredited as part of the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme, developed by the Federal Department of Health (DoH). QIP is an approved accreditor for the Scheme.

About the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme

The Scheme applies to Diagnostic Imaging Service Providers identified by DoH and aims to improve community health outcomes. The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS) was implemented in 2008.
Diagnostic Imaging Service Providers are required to be accredited against the Scheme to receive Medicare rebates for relevant services.

The Department of Health released the DIAS 3rd Edition Standards and a revised Guide on the 1 January 2016. All services undergoing accreditation or re-accreditation from the 1 January 2016 will be assessed against the new 3rd Edition Standards. Visit the DoH’s website for more information on the 3rd Edition Standards or speak to your QIP Client Liaison Officer.

Why choose QIP?

QIP has vast experience in primary, secondary health care and community sector accreditation and is the preferred accreditation provider to a large number of Diagnostic Imaging Service Gen_4Providers.

QIP is dedicated to ensuring that your accreditation journey is a streamlined and uncomplicated process.

QIP supports Diagnostic Imaging Service Providers with extraordinary accreditation support and resources, including:

  • A streamlined and web-based approach that reduces the time and effort to achieve accreditation
  • A dedicated Client Liaison Officer
  • Access to a wide range of educational resources through QbAY, our online resource library, at no additional cost
  • A web-based self-assessment tool – AccreditationPro
  • Cost-effective accreditation, and
  • Ensuring the Medicare claims system is automatically updated when accreditation is achieved.

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icon_resource-48pxQIP Diagnostic Imaging – New to Accreditation – Flyer

Pathways to accreditation

Entry Level accreditation

  • For service providers new to accreditation
  • Consists of three simple standards, and
  • Is valid for two years.

Service providers are not required to achieve accreditation against the Full Suite of Standards until the two year renewal date.

Full Suite accreditation

  • A more comprehensive accreditation offering
  • Requires service providers to meet a set of 15 standards, and
  • Is valid for four years.

While Full Suite accreditation requires a greater commitment, the benefit of a longer accreditation cycle can be more convenient.

Fee information

QIP fees are clearly articulated ensuring service providers know exactly how much accreditation will cost and are payable only once during the relevant accreditation cycle.

Before choosing an accreditation provider, Diagnostic Imaging Service Providers should ensure there are no hidden fees or costs.

QIP does not charge:Senior Hispanic woman working on computer at home

  • Any membership or application fees
  • Hourly fees or additional costs
  • Additional fees for resources to support you on your accreditation journey, or
  • Annual fees.

Corporate groups with five or more sites are invited to contact QIP for a customised quote.

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