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QIP supports Change Day on 11 March 2015

QIP, part of the AGPAL Group of Companies, is proud to be an official partner of Change Day.

On 11th March 2015, Australia will join with Northern Ireland, England and New Zealand for a simultaneous celebration of this global movement for change in health, aged care and community services.

The AGPAL Group of Companies’ Change Day pledge for 2015 is to better support all our staff, to, in turn, be able to better support members of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community. We are providing all our staff with cultural diversity training which will allow our staff to gain a better cultural understanding of the lived experiences of LGBTI people within the workplace and with service providers.

View our Change Day pledge made by AGPAL Group of Companies CEO, Dr Stephen Clark.

About Change Day:

Change Day is a social and global movement that is all about people and organisations committing to do just one thing in the coming year to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities and to positively impact the Australian health, aged care and community service system as a whole.

The pledges together build to a substantial collection of change initiatives all working towards that common goal.

Join in the movement and make your own Change Day pledge today

In their first year, Change Day Australia gathered more than 15,000 pledges from across the nation and in 2015 they are confidently aiming to collect 30,000 pledges – help us help them reach this goal!

Join us in supporting this people-focused movement by making your own individual pledge or gather your staff together to come up with a collaborative pledge. Details on how to make a pledge can be found here.

If you do decide to make a Change Day pledge, QIP would like to show our support to you by promoting your pledge to our staff, clients and stakeholders. Be sure to email the QIP Marketing team ) with all your pledge details.

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