Ongoing professional development of healthcare workers is essential in supporting staff up-skilling, knowledge building and improved delivery of safe and quality care.

Recognising the importance of this and the key role healthcare workers play within health service organisations across Australia, Quality Innovation Performance Limited (QIP) and the University of Tasmania (UTAS) are proud to provide Post Graduate Nursing and Dementia Care Scholarships for eligible QIP clients.

This exclusive QIP client benefit with UTAS supports our shared commitment to assist in the development of a contemporary healthcare workforce by providing quality-focused workers an opportunity to develop their professional and clinical practice skills, at a heavily subsidised rate.

As a QIP client, if eligible, you will receive the Scholarship benefits from UTAS

A number of QIP clients have already enrolled under this Scholarship status and are working toward the achievement of their Honours.

To learn more about the sponsorship and eligibility requirements, refer to the UTAS website or contact a member of our QIP Hospital Accreditation Team via the online form or by phoning 1300 888 329.