Accreditation requirements

for specialist homelessness service providers in NSW

QIP is ready to help NSW homelessness providers meet accreditation requirements

From 30 June 2024, all specialist homelessness service (SHS) providers contracted to deliver programs under the New South Wales Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) will be required to be accredited to the ASES Certificate Level (or equivalent) in order to continue to receive DCJ funding for future contracts.

The Certificate Level assesses fundamental business practices and client services to ensure sound and efficient operations and risk management.

Organisations can opt to attain the ASES Award Level, which builds on the Certificate Level to also demonstrate excellence and continuous quality improvement.

QIP has client support personnel and sector-experienced assessors based in NSW. We are ready to help DCJ-funded specialist homelessness service providers meet the government-mandated accreditation requirements by 30 June 2024.

The DCJ has made a commitment to subsidise the accreditation costs for providers with less than $5m in total annual revenue to gain accreditation the first time. Funding of $16,000 per organisation is now available through the ASES Support Grant. More information about the grant can be found on the NSW Government Department of Communities and Justice website.

The DCJ has also recognised the QIC Health and Community Service Standards (the QIC Standards) as ‘highly equivalent’ to that of ASES and can be applied by relevant organisations to meet the 30 June 2024 requirements.

The QIC Standards are more suited to larger organisations that offer multiple service streams and have established quality systems in place. QIP developed and is the exclusive provider of the QIC Standards and has QIC client support staff and assessors based in NSW with capacity to support larger organisations that offer specialist homelessness services.

Both ASES and QIC accreditation are valid for three years.

With the accreditation deadline of 30 June 2024 fast approaching, contact us to find out more information or to get started as soon as possible:

P 1300 888 329 | Register via the contact form below.

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What are the Australian Service Excellence Standards?

The ASES is a step-by-step accreditation program designed to support community and non-government organisations to effectively manage resources, gain a better understanding of consumer needs, and improve accountability and reporting.

QIP offers two pathways to achieving ASES accreditation:

  • ASES Certificate – assesses fundamental business practices and client services to ensure sound and efficient operations and risk management.
  • ASES Award – having achieved the Certificate Level, organisations can then opt to attain Award Level to demonstrate excellence and continuous quality improvement.

The DCJ requires providers to achieve accreditation against the ASES Certificate Level (at a minimum) by 30 June 2024. We encourage you to start the process as soon as possible, as it can take up to two years to complete the full process.

ASES accreditation is valid for three years.

The implementation of ASES accreditation in the NSW homelessness sector will bring it in line with others such as housing, disability, and out-of-home care services.

QIP is certified to accredit against ASES and has client support personnel and sector-experienced assessors based in NSW. We have the capacity to help you achieve ASES accreditation by 30 June 2024. We encourage you to contact us for more information or to get started as soon as possible.

P 1300 888 329 | Register via the contact form below.

QIP: a not-for-profit supporting human services for 25+ years

QIP is a not-for-profit accreditation organisation that is part of the AGPAL Group of Companies. We specialise in working with health, human and community service providers across Australia to help them achieve accreditation against a range of industry standards. Being a not-for-profit allows us to continuously reinvest back into our business to improve our service delivery, and accreditation support activities and resources for the benefit of clients.

Now in our 26th year of operating, our current client base of more than 15,000 organisations comprises small, medium and large organisations in metropolitan, regional and remote areas in all states and territories across Australia.

Our personalised support, sector-experienced assessors, and a range of practical easy-to-use accreditation tools and resources enable a positive and quality-focused accreditation experience.

  • QIP's highly knowledgeable Client Liaison Teams are on hand to support you through accreditation as and when you need it.
  • The QIP accreditation hub is a secure online platform that is home to our self-assessment software, AccreditationPro, as well as a range of accreditation resources and education material to streamline and systemise accreditation preparation.
  • Our highly trained sector-experienced assessors will share their knowledge and support you throughout assessment and corrective action process.
  • Once you achieve accreditation, QIP helps you celebrate and promote it with a 'promotional toolkit' of printed and digital material.

QIP has been an approved ASES accreditation agency for more than 15 years. During this time, we have worked alongside numerous community and non-government organisations including specialist homelessness service providers to achieve ASES accreditation. We are the number one preferred ASES accreditation agency for community organisations across Australia.

How long does accreditation take?

The time it takes varies between organisations, based on their prior experience with accreditation. However, as a guide, from first contact with QIP to registration, online self-assessment, and collation of required evidence, the process can take up to 18 months to complete. If a quality improvement plan is needed after the external assessment (on-site review), organisations will have up to six months to complete the actions required prior to achieving accreditation.

Achieving accreditation can take up to two years and you are required to have done so by 30 June 2024. The DCJ encourages providers to start the process as soon as possible.

Accreditation is required to be maintained every three years.

What is the ASES accreditation process?

The QIP ASES accreditation process follows four standardised steps:

  1. Register and establish a contract with QIP – you can commence this step by phoning 1300 888 329 or submitting the contact form below.
  2. Self-assessment – complete your self-assessment using QIP's secure online tool, AccreditationPro the BNG portal.
  3. Assessment – a local (NSW-based), sector-experienced QIP Assessor completes an assessment and prepares an independent assessment report.
  4. Accreditation decision – a decision regarding your accreditation is made by a QIP decision maker.

How QIP supports organisations

Tailored support

QIP has trained QIP Client Liaison Teams on hand to answer any questions clients may have about their accreditation, certification or verification. With expert knowledge of each of the standards or frameworks, evidence requirements and the self-assessment process, QIP’s Client Liaison Teams provide clients with on-going advice throughout their cycle.

Featured image of QIP staff

QIP’s accreditation hub

The QIP accreditation hub is an online platform tailored to each client’s individual accreditation timelines and framework requirements. It includes a personalised action plan, a resource library and a number of other features to support clients throughout their accreditation journey.

Access to AccreditationPro

QIP’s online self-assessment software, known as AccreditationPro, streamlines accreditation preparation by helping clients determine their organisation’s compliance with an applicable set of Standards.

Person at laptop on AccreditationPro

Access to online resources and education

QIP’s online Education and Resource Library, provides clients with access to a range of practical, informative and customisable resources to support organisations in complying with the relevant industry Standards.

Regular news and e-newsletters

Stay up-to-date with industry and organisational news, helpful tips and your standards information with QIP communications including periodical e-newsletters advising of any changes to processes, systems, standards or evidence requirements are released.

Highly trained assessment teams

QIP’s Assessors are highly trained and qualified peer assessors who work across the Australian health, community and human services sectors. Our team will share their knowledge and support organisations through the accreditation assessment.

Image of AGPAL Surveyors

Celebrating the achievement of accreditation

Achieving QIP accreditation takes dedication, team work and a commitment to continuous quality improvement. When organisations achieve their accredited, certificated or verified status, they are provided with their own 'Promotional Toolkit' filled with a number of materials to celebrate and promote this achievement.

The QIP Accredited Symbol is one way consumers and local community can be reassured that an organisation has been recognised for their commitment to delivering a safe and quality-focused service.

Image of QIP Accredited Symbol

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