Our approach

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) is committed to providing simple and effective accreditation and certification programs consistent with international best practice.

QIP’s approach to accreditation and certification services is based on five principles:

  • Excellence.
  • Simplicity
  • Support
  • Independence, and
  • Expertise.


  • We recognise that the value of accreditation is dependent on its validity and reliability, and
  • We are internationally accredited and continually improving our approach to accreditation.


Our accreditation services are delivered in a way that reduces our clients’ administrative effort, providing more time for making quality improvements rather than the paperwork that is often associated with accreditation.
Our web-based self-assessment tool, AccreditationPro has been designed to simplify and streamline the accreditation process.


  • Our self-assessment process incorporates extensive guidance and education for clients, providing them with a practical understanding of the relevant standards and how the standards may be implemented.
  • Our clients are provided with access to an online resource library that contains a wide range of relevant accreditation and quality improvement resources, including information sheets, research, better practice guidelines and management system templates.
  • Our clients have access to a dedicated Client Liaison Officer during normal business hours to provide support and guidance with the accreditation process and implementing the standards.


  • We are truly independent and reject affiliations and activities that may compromise the integrity and credibility of QIP accreditation.
  • We work actively to create an environment where Assessors and accreditation Decision Makers are free from any kind of inappropriate internal or external influence.


  • We are experts in accreditation, with more than sixteen years’ experience in accreditation and quality improvement services across all areas of health and community services.
  • Our Assessors complete competency based training and have experience in the type of organisation that they are assigned to assess.