Early Childhood Intervention Services – Victoria

Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) aim to improve the lives of children with disability or developmental delay from birth to school entry, and their families through the provision of specialised supports and services.

ECIS in Victoria funded by the Department of Education and Training are required to comply with the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Standards 2016.

Henceforth, ECIS in Australia will be delivered via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) under the auspices of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the independent statutory agency whose role is to implement the NDIS.

Those ECIS that have obtained the Victorian Approved NDIS Provider – Early Childhood Supports status are required to undergo a review from an approved independent review body, within 18 months of being awarded this status, in order to continue to provide these services.

QIP is one of a few select independent review bodies approved by the Victorian Government to assess and provide certification to ECIS against the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Standards 2016.

About Early Childhood Intervention Services Certification

Certification against the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Standards 2016 involves an organisation undertaking a self-assessment against the Standards followed by an on-site assessment conducted by qualified QIP Assessors.

Why Choose QIP?

QIP is experienced in the area of Disability Services, and:

  • Is an endorsed Independent Review Body to assess and certify organisations against the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Standards 2016
  • Has more than 20 years’ accreditation and certification experience in the children, youth and family services, homelessness services and disability services sectors; all assessors are qualified and experienced in assessing against a diverse range of community service Standards
  • Offers a range of certification options and can bundle Early Childhood Intervention Certification with other accreditation products to provide a streamlined package for your organisation
  • Supports your organisation by providing access to qualified Client Liaison Officers and industry reviewers with experience in Victorian Community Services, and
  • Will ensure your organisation’s accreditation is an uncomplicated process.

Fee Information

When choosing an Independent Review Body for Early Childhood Intervention certification, it’s important to understand exactly how much certification will cost and what support is included.

The cost of QIP certification against the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Standards 2016 is dependent on a number of variables including the size of the service provider, staffing (FTE) and number of sites, as well as the number of file audits to be conducted.

QIP’s fees are clearly articulated ensuring that you know upfront exactly how much accreditation will cost. You are invited to contact QIP for a customised quote.