The Russell Renhard

Facilitating effective continuous quality
improvement in health and community service organisations

The Russell Renhard Scholarship aims to improve the health and well-being of local community members by facilitating effective continuous quality improvement in health and community service organisations in a manner that reflects social justice.

Changing systems and cultures requires people to think and act outside of the status quo. The Russell Renhard Scholarship supports and rewards applicants who embody the spirit of Australia’s community quality improvement pioneers — passionate, assertive, visionary and persistent. Activities of those who receive the Scholarship address issues of social justice and support systems-based approaches that promote access to quality human services for all.

The scheduled Russell Renhard Scholarship 2020 was postponed indefinitely in June 2020. would-be participants indicated they were unable to submit applications, due to directing efforts elsewhere with COVID-19. QIP hopes to re-schedule the Russell Renhard Scholarship for later in 2021, pending COVID-19 timeframes.

About Russell Renhard

Russell Renhard was a pioneer in the development of quality improvement and capacity building approaches within health and community organisations across Australia.

Throughout his career Russell dedicated his effort and expertise to addressing social justice, and supporting systems-based approaches, promoting access to quality services for all. Russell never stopped believing that change was possible and that a more equitable society could be achieved. It was this belief that sustained his efforts and underpinned his vision.

The Russell Renhard Scholarship honours the significant contribution made by Russell to health and social services, accreditation and continuous quality improvement. The Scholarship allows Russell’s legacy for both Russell’s life as well as recognising contributions to causes Russell felt so passionately about.

About the scholarship

Previous Winners

Find out more about our previous Scholarship recipients and their inspiring projects

Image of Annie North Inc. staff with award

Annie North Inc

As recipients of the 2017 QIP Russell Renhard Scholarship, Annie North has successfully used their funding to support a vital community project.


Inspiro – Urban Indigenous Health Promotion

Awarded the inaugural QIP Russell Renhard Scholarship in 2012, we catch up with Inspiro Community Health Service on their Making Better Connections project.


Want to apply?

The QIP Team is excited to provide this opportunity to assist our clients in making a difference within the health and community sector space. We encourage all eligible QIP clients to apply for this opportunity. When applications are open, this section will have the information required to apply.