The Russell Renhard
Scholarship 2021

Applications close Friday 10 September 2021

The Russell Renhard Scholarship is a $10,000 one-off payment to support a human service organisation implement a quality improvement project that aligns with Russell Renhard's 'vision for continual improvement in health and community service organisations in a manner that reflects social justice'.

To be considered for the $10,000 Scholarship payment – using the application form below – explain to us how your quality improvement project responds to a social justice issue (or issues) and will enable those who need it most, to access high-quality health or community services.

The Russell Renhard Scholarship supports organisations that embody the spirit of Australia’s quality improvement pioneers in the human services sector – passionate, assertive, visionary, and persistent.

About Russell Renhard

Russell Renhard was a pioneer in the development of quality improvement and capacity-building approaches within health and community organisations across Australia.

Russell was a co-founder and inaugural director of the Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation, and a contributor for many years to the work of the Quality Improvement Council (QIC).  QIC was a non-profit independent Australasian accreditation body that, through a company merge process in 2012, became the company that is now QIP. In essence, he is a ‘founding father’ of the work that QIP does to support the community sector and enable access to services for those that need it most.

Throughout his career, Russell Renhard dedicated his efforts and expertise to addressing social justice, supporting systems-based approaches, and promoting access to quality services for all. He was a pioneer in the development of quality improvement and capacity-building within health and community organisations across Australia.

Russell never stopped believing that change was possible and that a more equitable society could be achieved. It was this belief that sustained his efforts and underpinned his vision.

The Russell Renhard Scholarship honours the significant contribution made by Russell to health and social services, accreditation and continuous quality improvement. This Scholarship allows a legacy to be created in memory of Russell’s life as well as encouraging and recognising contributions to causes he felt so passionately about.

About the scholarship

Previous Winners

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Annie North Inc

As recipients of the 2017 QIP Russell Renhard Scholarship, Annie North has successfully used their funding to support a vital community project.


Inspiro – Urban Indigenous Health Promotion

Awarded the inaugural QIP Russell Renhard Scholarship in 2012, we catch up with Inspiro Community Health Service on their Making Better Connections project.


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