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Complimentary Bushfire Recovery Webinar

Firefighters and volunteers through every state and territory across Australia are currently risking their lives to battle and contain numerous catastrophic and devastating bushfires.

With temperatures rising and dry winds fueling the spread of these blazes, on behalf of the AGPAL Group of Companies, we send our thoughts to all of those involved and impacted by these disastrous events.

To support recovery efforts in a small way, our team delivered a complimentary webinar titled ‘Bushfire recovery – tools and techniques to assist during the primary care disaster recovery effort’. Being part of the AGPAL Group of Companies, we would like to extend the webinar to all of our AGPAL and QIP clients, as well as our industry stakeholders and associates.

This one and a half-hour webinar has a general practice focus with learning outcomes aimed at supporting an increased understanding of:

  • How to respond after a crisis
  • Strategies to assess the impact on people, processes, infrastructure, providers, and business performance
  • Business continuity planning
  • Tips to support the development of a crisis plan and toolkits (including provision of a template)
  • Techniques to support the next steps and practice sustainability, inclusive of CQI content and a PDSA cycle for mid to long term recovery

If you know people who may benefit from this webinar, please feel free to share this article.

Click here to view the webinar or download the accompanying resources

Webinar details:

Bushfire recovery – tools and techniques to assist during the primary care disaster recovery effort

Your content expert and presenter is David Osman, an experienced healthcare manager, AGPAL Surveyor and Director on the AAPM National Board. David has been a professional facilitator of learning since 2004, when he established a Registered Training Organisation, ran a corporate training consultancy, and managed education and training for an Australia-wide government change program.

David has a practical approach based on years of leadership experience. He currently leads 40 people across three organisations and deals with many of the same challenges that his training helps other leaders to solve.

We kindly thank David for giving up his time to deliver this webinar on behalf of AGPAL & QIP, and our Education and Training Team.

Click here to view the webinar

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For Education and Training related queries, contact our AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team:

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