Disability Services

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Disability services provide care and support for people with disabilities, their families, carers and friends. Disability services can be accredited against many different sets of standards including the QIC Health and Community Services Standards, National Disability Services (NDS) Standards and various state specific standards.

QIC Health and Community Services Standards

The QIC Health and Community Services Standards (QIC Standards) and accreditation program focus on a continuous quality improvement approach and help to build organisational capacity.

The National Disability Services (NDS) Standards


The National Standards for Disability Services (NDS Standards) are implemented by the Department of Social Services.

In 2014, the Standards underwent extensive consultation, validation and user testing, culminating in a set of six standards that are able to be applied across a broad range of circumstances. The revised NDS Standards reflect contemporary practices that provide people with disability with choice about their support and services.

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To receive funding from the Victorian Department of Human Services, disability services located in Victoria must meet all of the DHS Standards and approved governance and management Standards.

The DHS Standards promote empowerment, access, engagement, well-being and quality improvement participation.

Disability services located in Victoria must complete accreditation against the DHS Standards once in every three-year funding cycle. To read more, see the QIP Human Services Standards – VIC page.

New South Wales Disability Services Standards and Third Party Verification

The New South Wales Disability Services Standards (NSW DSS) were updated in 2013 to reflect contemporary practices that place people with disability at the centre of decision making and choice about their supports and services. To read more about the NSW DSS and Third Party Verification (TPV), please visit the QIP NSW DSS page.

Disability Services located in South Australia

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) are a quality framework owned by the Government of South Australia Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). ASES supports community service organisations to effectively manage resources, gain better understanding of customer needs and improve accountability and reporting.

To read more about QIP’s offerings of the ASES, please visit the QIP ASES page.

Why choose QIP?

QIP is committed to informed choice and working in partnership with community services to ensure continuous quality improvement. QIP supports disability services on their quality journey by providing:

  • A streamlined approach that reduces the time and effort to achieve accreditation
  • A dedicated Client Liaison Officer
  • Access to a wide range of educational resources, at no additional cost, and
  • Cost-effective accreditation.

QIP can support you to manage multiple standards and accreditation programs.

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When choosing an accreditation provider it’s important to understand exactly how much accreditation will cost and what accreditation support is included.

QIP’s fees are clearly articulated ensuring that you know upfront exactly how much accreditation will cost. The cost of accreditation is dependent on the size of the organisation, the number of staff, the number and location of sites and the services provided.

Contact QIP for a customised quote.