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Positive workplaces and high performing teams new QIP e-Learning Module now available!

Want to strengthen your organisation‘s positive workplace culture and create a high performing team? Look no further than QbAY in your QIP accreditation hub to find out how with our new e-Learning module, Positive workplaces and high performing teams, linked with relevant components of the standards your organisation is accrediting against (this includes specifics for the NSQHS Standards (second edition) and QIC Health and Community Services Standards).

The correlation between a positive workplace culture and a high performing team is undeniable. Rather than finding work a struggle, exhausting and demotivating, employees in positive workplaces are more likely to enjoy work and have a sense of belonging which, in turn, positively impacts the organisation’s culture.

This e-learning module focuses on proven ways that leaders can create positive workplace cultures and high-performing teams. In a healthcare or community setting, implementing the strategies and approaches outlined in this module supports you and your practice to improve outcomes for both consumers and staff.

To start learning about how you can transform your workplace, log into your QIP accreditation hub and click ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES (QbAY)’ in the menu!

For more information, contact the QIP team.

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